Student feedback:

Les - Just want to thank you for all you have done to help me pass. Great teacher and not too serious - have had a good laugh along the way

Chris Tonge, Radcliffe

Les, thank you so much-your complete calm patience and belief meant so much and gave me the confidence to restart my lessons and pass my test first time with you-11 years after originally taking lessons.

Samantha Moss, Bury

Les, just wanted to drop a quick note, which you can use on the website if you wanted. I've been driving 'solo' for 4 months now since I passed with you, due to work, alot of motorway stuff between Manchester and Liverpool and Northwales. I often find myself thinking back to the lessons when I'm driving as your advice was so good. I'm not sure if I could have gone solo so early if it wasn't for your teaching. Many thanks for the lessons - there were some bad times, and some good times, but you really helped me when I even doubted myself. Hope things are well with you, I keep any eye for a black 207 (?) when I'm in Radcliffe. Many thanks again, you gave me the skills to get mobile!

Martin McGuiness, Radcliffe.

"Thanks Les you were fantastic right from the start. The best teacher ever! "
Sam Doyle from Radcliffe

"Thanks for what you did to help me to pass. I`m still on cloud 9. Just don`t know what I`ll do in a car on my own now!!"
Kim Anderson from Radcliffe  

"I was so nervous when it came to the test, I remember telling you to take me home because i didn`t want to do it. But you were fantastic, calmed me down and convinced me I could do it, and yes I did - first time too. Thank you so much! "

Ilene Anderson from Bury

"Thanks Les for my lessons.
I really enjoyed them and have recommended you to all my friends at college. I don`t know anyone that passed first time at Bury - still can`t believe I actually did it too "

Andy Sagar from Bury

"Thanks for all your help in getting me to pass the test first time, I could not have done it without your endless patience"

Gemma Hunt from Radcliffe

"I still can`t believe I passed first time, it`s all thanks to you that I can now drive at last. I can`t thank you enough"

 Nicola Gale from Radcliffe

You are the best, I will miss my lessons with you but thanks so much for helping me through it all.

Rosa Wood from Ramsbottom



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