I have been training clients wishing to become qualified as driving instructors for over 15 years. I work independently but also carry out training for major local and national driving schools as well. The full course can be undertaken for as little as £1750 which is a major saving against larger competitors for exactly the same level of training and support.

If you are interested I offer an initial one hour meeting, which is free of charge. This enables you to meet me before making a commitment and also allows me to answer any of your questions too.

 The qualifying process:


  • Part 1 is a PC based multiple choice theory and hazard perception test similar to the current test for learner drivers but to a higher standard


  • Part 2 is a driving test, again similar to the current test for learner drivers but to a higher standard


  • Part 3 The DVSA examiner will need to observe you giving a real driving lesson to one of your pupils rather than the examiner pretending to be a pupil. In other words the examiner whats to see you performing the job for real. Consequently any course must incorporate on the job training to ensure you succeed. Naturally this favours those who are being trained by a well established driver trainer, rather than an organisation who is just trying to sell you an instructor training course


  • DVSA Trainee License
    Once you have passed Part 2 and have completed your training for Part 3 you are allowed to work as a trainee driving instructor provided you are sponsored by a driving school that supports the Government’s Trainee Licence scheme, such as myself. This potentially gives you up to 6 months real on-the-job training to help you pass Part 3 and start earning money earlier than might otherwise be possible. With the new Part 3 test in the pipeline this option becomes even more important to have. Please note Trainee Licence positions are reserved for students who have been exclusively trained by myself.
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