Monitoring progress

It is crucial that your driving lessons are closely monitored from the outset. I use a unique system that allows me to assess your progress lesson by lesson. My two page chart is completed with yourself at the end of every lesson, this closely resembles the areas of your driving that the examiner is looking at on the day of your test.

Many pupils come to me from other instructors totally demoralised because they do not know how they are doing from week to week. Their instructor drops them at home and says something like “you`re doing Ok – see you next week!” Unfortunately you should be paying for a service much better than that. Sometimes this is the downside of taking the cheaper option. The old saying is true – you get what you pay for!

At the end of every lesson I give you an overall rating towards test standard – never will you be in doubt as to your progress.

Sample drivers record

A graph of your progress shows when you are ready for your test


All of my lessons are carefully planned and follow the Driving Standards Agency syllabus:

Cockpit Drill — Controls — MSM Routine — Use of Accelerator
Use of Clutch — Use of Gears — Use of Brakes — Steering
Moving off and stopping safely — Junctions — Roundabouts — Crossroads
Meeting and passing other vehicles — Crossing the path of other vehicles
Anticipation and awareness  — Uphill and downhill starts
Moving off at an angle — Pedestrian crossings  — Making progress
Dual carriageways — Keeping your distance and the two second rule Emergency stop and stopping distances — Turn in the road
Reverse parking — Reversing round a corner — Reverse in a parking bay Safety checks — Dealing with hazards — Control of speed — Taking action on road signs, road markings and signals — Safe position for normal stops — Overtaking — Adverse weather conditions

All lessons are planned before I arrive at your door. The route is planned in advance and a series of lesson targets or objectives will be outlined at the start of every lesson. Of course feedback will be given throughout your session and at the end. Our success depends on our professionalism, friendliness, patience – rest assured you are in good hands right through to passing your test.

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